3 comments on “Nexis Realms

    • LMAO… you mean the work I did for you. 😛
      If you remember correctly, both me and my girlfriend designed the site for you.
      We also built in a lot of server stat pages and connectivity for you.
      Like always the real designer gets forgotten… :(
      I have all the original PSD’s and templates if you want to dispute it… lol
      Also, I’m pretty sure you got the repack used for running the server from me over at the old WoWps.org

      NOTE: There is a small chance you created an entirely different Nexis Realms later on, this was many years ago and the person I made it for only survived hosting for about a year.

      • Hmm, perhaps you are right. It’s been so long.. I revised that site about 20 times in its life. So if this is actually the case, my sincerest apologies! 😡 <3

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